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be worse if the teachers hadn't taken action. you never know how you are going to respond in one of these life altering situations. >> two classrooms 3 minutes. 12 minutes after the hour. we will be here the next 4 hours and have continuing coverage through out the day. straight ahead your child didn't need to be at the scene of the shooting to be traumatized just hearing about it can be traumatic. as a parent what do you do? what do you advise? dr. mark seigel here live next. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. >> we were told to hold on to each other. went out they said there could be bad stuff. com when we got out they told us to open our eyes we saw glass and blood on the ground. >> that child reacting to the horrifying ordeal. 20 children among those killed in this massacre. what type of impact will this have on the survivors of the tragedy and how can we help all children cope with the violence? dr. mark seigel is associate pro
next guest says that is wh they should have voted against it. american majority action spokesman, i just saw your tweet. you're talking about, what was it, $200 million for alaskan fisheries. you said, why alaska? >> i don't know. alaska is the only state in he union where you et a plate -- paid to live. they all have to pay taxes. they can afford fishery project. the bigger project is, why was this in the emergency bill for hurricanes in the? doesn't make any sense. 9 billion will be spent in 2013. 85 percent doesn't come until 2014 and beyond. that's not immediately. what this bill is fundamentally is a poor bill. what the senate could have done is passed the clean $9 billion loan through -- through the states. here is your relief and pass that. instead to my they came back to washington to get their fix. the port that is in this bill, and it is ridiculous tom: like you said, trying to cram all this in before the end of the year. is -- every piece of proponent writing about this has said this is critical. you do it before the end of te year because these victims are sitting there,
? if i win, can millions of others sue them? >> sure. that's what the class action lawsuit is about. i know you're a social media guy. imagine if your picture is posted on instagr and stolen and used as an ad. they profit it off it and it's your picture. it's interesting that now even with what their privacyolicy says, they've made changes. when you join instagram and use it, you agree to those terms. when they change it to benefit the company, of course you have a right and cause of action. >> kelly, i know when you go on google and you google information, the company actually uses that ta, mines of the data, maybe even sells it. isn't it the same? >> it is but facebook had a class action lawsuit about that for advertisements and selling information to companies and i think they settled for $915 million to make it go away. they have to disclose that ahead of time. you have to knowingly agree to that. instagram minors go on there. they cannot agree to any terms but instagram doesn't block them from using it so there's a possibility they'll pay. they have to be careful and user-friendly
for instant ram when you look at that disclaimer. eric: do i have any recourse? >> sure.he there's a class-action lawsuit, and eric, i know you're a great social media guide. imagine if your picture picture is takn and posted on the instagram and use as a disservice somewhere,ff they are using her likeness and it is your picture, so it is very interesting even with the privacy policy they have maden changes and when you enter into joining and using it, you agree to those terms.ave of course you have a right and the cause of action againstn yo them. eric: maybe even sells the data, isn't it the same thing? tha >> if you recall, they have a class-action lawsuit about that ford advertisement and selling your information to companies and i think they settled for $915 million to make that go away because it was. wrong. agr i have to disclose that to you ahead of time and you have to knowingly agree to that. they cannot contractually agree to any of those terms but they do not block them from using it, so there's always a possibility they will pay, they have to be very careful and user-friendly but whe
leads up to a day of action from the union on december 10 #th, you know, that never turns out well, does it? i mean, g.o.p., i think, loses on the issue because they are basically siding with the unions wanting to extend, preserve, and protect entitlement programs. they should take a page from george bushing and move towards privatizing entitlements giving ownership. they own a safety net that's nothing. it's empty. that's why the system is collapsing on itself. >> i think john's rnc sighing a breath of relief you are not in charge of the campaign. that's political suicide. neil: there's a point of losing resolve, their mojo. that used to be the stuff in dna to show responsibility. >> we talked about this. you have jim demint leaving the senate saying i'm more effective at the heritage foundation, the tea party and others do not want a deal. neil: worked under harry reid. >> well, no, no, he filibustered -- neil: no mystery leaving the body led by democrats. >> if you're jim demint, you hold fellow republicans accountable. striking a deal. neil: good point. i don't agree with why it's ha
some people struggle with their mortgage payments, they become frozen, but the people who take action, are far more likely to get the most positive outcome. call this free government program for the option that's right for you. neil: the economy is stumbling. nothing seems to be happening, but ralph nader has got a plan. one day he says he will get companies hiring and fast. getting people spending soon. >> nonfinancial companies are sitting on over a trillion dollars of shareholders cash. the investors cash. a lot of them are not giving adequate evidence. some of them like google and emc giving no dividends. if they can be pressured by pension funds to unload a cup and billion dollars into the economy, people would spend it. they don't like the tax penalty for it. would you give them a tax holiday? you have to put it to use and do something? >> they tried that in 2004 and they brought back hundreds of villains. they put the murders and bonuses and what we have to do is recognize the president obama is not an economic dictator. the federal reserve can bring interest industry rates muc
action. neil: you made that up. >> i did not make that up. >> let me tell you the rest of it. >> you have a problem with adjusting to unions, if you are so great, standby your group. >> i'm not okay with freeloading. the max. neil: do you think this is a freeloading thing? two they shouldn't have to pay union dues. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] neil: with freeloading you get the benefits of everything. >> you can sue the unit for doing a bad job defending you. neil: you are such a good lawyer, i don't understand a word you're saying. >> what i will ask you is this. whether you are for or against this, the image is that michigan is going to be open for business. indiana is going to be open for business. it is the perception. it is all about getting business to your state. now, the 24 states have this feature. some with remarkably low unemployment rates. who wins? >> well, i think right now the unions are losing. for the first time since 2009, public perceptions over 50% had a disapproval rating of the unions. this is an isolated incident and most of these guys are not
, they have abandoned idea of staking meaningful action against the corporation, just make them change the way they do business. insped of taking the shareholders money and say we'll pay you $1.5 billion but it is coming out of your pock et or my pocket. if you are ex shareholder ubs s, now we have punished them. if you punish them there would not be a business tomorrow, city branch paid a huge fine, that is a quarter worth of money for them. it is not having a big impact, it is basically i'll write the check for being a bad boy and be on my way. neil: all right, thank you. next, halftime, full threat else, you do want to see john's tobacco go full throttle. you do not want to see john angry. something just got john veryrag angry. neil: halftime full throttle. john mccain is upet that senate is rushing through sandy aid mill. we first brought this to your attendtion last week, setting aside money in the 60 billion sandy helper for folks who do not real need the help. not courtesy of sandy. money for a new roof at the smithsonian in washington, d.c. that was in bad shape even before sandy. that
, it was a bad idea, why create artificial crises to force action. neil: they did. >> now the country -- now they want to do it again, now let's hurt growth in economy, and cut a deal that hur growth,o from a year from now we'll have a worse fiscal cliff. we have a 16 trillion-dollar debt. these tax increases do nothing to self, you have 200,000 less jobs next year for, that those who vote for that will be held responsible for that decision. neil: is it terrible public policy if you leave off the table. what accounts the majority of spending off the table. if you leave out medicare, and medicaid, and don't even pry to brid up -- try to bring up social security, 8 democratic members and congressmen marked that, d't touch these entitlements, one of next. s. i was always interrupting my teammates. earlier in my career, my coach approached me. he said, "i think that, you know, sometimes i don't feel like you're focused." it was my adhd. like many kids with adhd, i didn't outgrow it. if you were diagnosed with adhd as a kid, you might still have it. find out more. take a quiz at to
to the bottom of it. tom. i hope not, people said why are people not held accountable for their actions? are -- forgive me, i do not know the procedure or theelaw, but are you able to indict something -- somebody? >> we can hold someone in in contempt. but there is is a violation of law i am sure it would be turned over to the justice department, if it warned that. this will be an ongoing investigation by a number of different committees in the months to come, in 113 congress, we ner had as much trouble as we had with environmental protection agency on regulating to the effect of hurting the economy not having anything to back it up, and causing an enormous, hundreds of billions oo dollars are regulatory requirements for so many industry folks that may never be in compliance, there has never been a cost benefit analysis done on many of these regulations. what they have tried to do under miss jackson is ledge lake that -- legislation that would otherwise not get passed. tom. i am glad you are on it. congressman greg harper from mississippi thank you. >> thank you, tom. tom: a fox busine
. and the dog's actions. neil: but if i say, john, do have you that report for me yet, no i'm just with my little -- >> that is not -- more often than not, if you walk into anybody's office there, fido is sleeping in the corner, but, they are there, it creates a different work environment. people don't have that brittle edge that you have. if i had a dog -- >> your dogs are privately wined and dined. but, can you imagine how loud it is. >> i go back to concept of dogs, are not born with oh, bead yen degree -- oh oh, bead yen degre, there is no such thing as a bad dog there are bad owners. neil: you met a dog did you not like? about yes. neil: if your cubical mate took it to work. >> the dog stays conditios conde cube call -- stays within the cubical. and there is a working environment and rules for working environment, where if that dog on a distraction there. they are healthier, people are healthier, they lose fewer workdays because when -- listen when dog gets sick, you go to vet rather than work, that studies have shown that. neil: i don't get you. i don't know. but. >> proof is in rela
invested a lot to make sure and experience i taled about is really linked to total action. neil: i think any woman who would not like thii is -- >> its gold medal. neil: the blue box. >> american masters taste awarded as a gold medal for our source sauces, for being the best in class. neil: that is our would sell it. you know, they just won a gold medal. obviously impeccable. as a guy, you can't lose because even if the woman does highlight it, you keep it. but what are some of your biggest sellers? >> this box that i have here today in front of e is really one of our very best sellers. it is called our party planner. comprised of all the best things we offer. turkey summer sauces, beef summer sausage, best cheeses. it is really so that you can share it with your family which gives -- which would sell for about $45, of which five is then donated to support the no kid hungry program which is a program designed to end child the hundred america. fortunately for us with the support of our consumers we have been able to donate over $2 million of last few years. neil: good for you. i was sorry
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Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)

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